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Apr 25, 2011 - Published in Press releases

Keep Building Knowledge of Environmental Regulation

By Jim Kneiszel - Gas, Oil & Mining Contractor -

Andy Ingriselli, president of Aquatech Pump and Power Inc., the Canadian wastewater contracting company featured in the April GOMC profile story, makes a great point about being proactive in working with environmental regulators. Rather than hope to avoid greater oversight on their mining work sites, Ingriselli wants to let the regulators know his company is knowledgeable about the rules and just as interested in a promoting a clean environment.

“In many cases, a lot of industrial development has caused regulators to lose confidence in growth supported by a knowledge of environmental regulation,” Ingriselli told profile writer Peter Kenter. “It’s up to companies like ours to show them that we can help support growth in mining or any industry while protecting the environment. We keep up on all of the recent regulations, and we keep an open line of communication between the regulators and ourselves.”

Ingriselli has a lot to offer the industry providing dewatering services for mining companies. His company’s efforts help extraction companies continue to operate efficiently and in a way that responds to environmental concerns. I invite you to read the entire Aquatech profile and respond. Send your comments, questions or opinions about this blog to me at editor@gomcmag.com.

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