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May 19, 2011 - Published in Press releases

Aquatech Dewatering expands services into Newfoundland and Labrador

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Aquatech Dewatering Company and Aquatech Pump and Power announced that they are expanding their services to the Canadian East Coast and plan to open a full service branch in Newfoundland this year. Aquatech currently is an exclusive distributor of Godwin Pumps, Hudig Pumps and Dragflow Pumps.

Aquatech is a fast growing, full service provider of dewatering services in the mining and construction industries. They have recently opened their new Sudbury, Ontario Branch in May of this year and are poised to expand again with the announcement that they will be launching a new branch to serve the Newfoundland and Labrador areas. This will be Aquatech’s fourth full service branch alongside three branches in Ontario; the head office in Concord, the Eastern Ontario branch in Ottawa and the new Sudbury Branch in Northern Ontario.

This new branch is strategically located in close proximity to Newfoundland’s surging natural resource industry which is demanding stronger and more specialized pumping and dewatering services. “The industry is evolving as a result of tighter regulations, from simply renting and purchasing pumps from a traditional pump vendor, to a demand for a specialized dewatering and pumping company that can provide their turn-key services. This has created the demand for a company like Aquatech.” said Andy Ingriselli, Aquatech’s President.

Our objective is to engineer, manage and install temporary site dewatering and sewage bypass projects in the municipal, construction, industrial and mining sectors and we work the hours the industry works, 24/7. We offer a full service rental program as well as full turn-key operations that include the operation of dewatering and pumping systems, we understand the environmental requirements and work to avoid any negative impacts by applying Best Management Practices from the start.” said Ingriselli.

Aquatech maintains a large portable pumping equipment fleet to respond to emergency situations along with planned projects; “Our dewatering rental product fleet includes; pumps for dewatering and solid handling applications in self-priming engine driven and submersible electric pumps as well as hydraulic powered pumps. We can also provide dredging pumps, discharge filtration equipment, generators, pipe and hose, mobile wheel wash systems, fittings and controls as required in any fluid management application”, said Russell Thomas, Project Manager.

Aquatech has become well known for their expertise in applying pumping and dewatering systems within environmental guidelines and regulations. They are also well recognized as an industry leader in supporting education of all industry participants in Best Management Practices (BMPs) as they relate to environmental protection when dewatering and discharging to natural environments.

Aquatech’s support of the construction, mining and industrial industries includes pumps for use in excavation dewatering, open-pit mine dewatering, creek bypass, sewer bypass, pond drainage, tailings and sludge product transfer, temporary fire water and plant feed water service, product transfer on long pipelines and temporary bypass of water distribution systems.

Canadian owned and operated, Aquatech is headquartered in Concord, Ontario, maintaining one of the largest portable rental pumping equipment fleets in the country for use in construction, mining, municipal, industrial and environmental markets. They also specialize in installation of groundwater control systems used in lowering groundwater levels (dewatering) in overburden soils allowing for construction to take place safely in a dry soil condition using wellpoint, eductor and deep well systems to achieve the dewatered state.

Aquatech will be exhibiting at the CIM, featuring their dewatering services and showcasing their new heavy duty pumps for slurry and dredging applications.  Montreal, Palais des Congres, Booth 1720, May 23 and 24, 2011.