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Sep 30, 2011 - Published in Newsletter

Reverse Circulation Dual Rotary DR24 Drillrig

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Aquatech is proud to introduce our new DR24; the Dual Rotary drilling method has been proven repeatedly where unconsolidated formations (sand, gravel, cobbles, and boulders) make it difficult to drill a cased hole using conventional drilling techniques. The versatility of this unique drilling rig, in both straight and angled applications, makes it one of the most efficient and cost effective methods for drilling in difficult formations.


Construction Application – The DR 24 drill is ideal for many construction applications including:

  • dewatering wells, well abandonment and casing recovery,
  • building foundation and elevator shaft drilling,
  • grout injection hole drilling, 
  • environmental sampling, monitoring wells and recharge well drilling
  • pilot holes, tunnel alignment holes, pressure relief wells. 

The DR 24’s straight and angle drilling capability is often a crucial advantage in construction applications and it always has the ability to control cuttings to ensure a clean drill site.

Mining and Exploration Application – DR 24 drill is well known for its drilling accuracy and angle drilling capability.  These 2 facts make the DR 24 drill well suited for drilling mine utility shafts or locating and backfilling abandoned sections of underground mines.  For mine site dewatering wells, the DR 24 can drill through loose overburden material including blasted rock and industrial debris.

Waterwell Application – The DR 24 drill rig can drill large diameter for domestic and industrial wells to varying depths.  The use of a DR 24 drill in waterwell applications helps to eliminate mud contamination and mud disposal costs.

Environmental Application – The DR 24 is ideal whether the goal is to contain environmentally hazardous cuttings or obtain an accurate profile of the formation or just keep a clean job site.  On critical environment sites, the DR 24 drill can install casing and retrieve cuttings into containers without releasing water or unfiltered air into the atmosphere. The ability to case a hole with minimum cross-contamination makes the DR 24 drill excellent for environmentally sensitive drilling projects.


  • Depth up to 500’
  • Cased holes up to 500’ deep and 24” in diameter
  • Vertical or angled drilling
  • No drilling mud required
  • General Versatility (Reverse Circulation System)
  • Soil Stabilization

For more information on the DR 24 drill applications, please click here or contact one our representatives.