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Dredging Pumps

When addressing the full scope of dredging operations Aquatech is prepared to manage the most demanding of jobs. We’re equipped with a range of hydraulically-powered pumps and feature industry-leading Dragflow dredging equipment, whose pumps are designed to operate in a variety of applications, from shallow seas to fresh water locations, as well as deep water jobs. The distinctive dredging cutter design of the equipment yields superior results and is able to reach an exceptional solid concentration even when conditions present exceedingly compact soil.

These pumps are suitable for a broad range of applications, including harbour dredging, beach reclamation, Geotube and Geotextile projects, marina cleaning jobs as well as pond and dam cleaning efforts. Also a dependable choice for:

•    High depth dredging operations (up to 100m)
•    High depth foundation work for bridges, piers, docks and wharves
•    Trench clean out and back-fill in pipe-cable laying projects
•    Recovery of sand not mined by primary dredge
•    Contaminated area dredging

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Dredging Pump Specifications.

Dredging Pump Specifications

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